Every year, Virlanie advocates for the value of Inclusive Education in the Philippines. The signature campaign of our Education Pillar, #Give2Achieve, encourages supporters to come together and help every child learn. Make this a reality by assisting us in continuing our Education intervention for our beneficiaries.

In Virlanie, we believe that empowerment includes institutional mediation in bridging the disadvantaged members of our society to more opportunties to uplift themselves and achieve an equal footing in society. Virlanie works towards community empowerment through Education with our Mobile Unit program which sets up a mobile blackboard classroom for out of school children, and our Open Day Center for livelihood trainings for mothers and young adults who have not finished formal education. Virlanie Foundation also provides learning intervention for the children under our residential care. We offer our Alternative Learning System and Magellan Learning Center to assist our beneficiaries with academic delays, our SiBuHi program for the children to explore their potential in performing arts, sports, music, and more. Notably, we also have our Independent Living Program to secure our outgoing young adult beneficiaries key knowledge, values, and experience they can use outside Virlanie through seminars, trainings, and immersions. Lastly, one of the valuable programs under our Education Pillar is our Special Education Program for our beneficiaries with special needs.

Education is not enclosed in the four corners of the classroom. As the value of Education serves an integral part in every individual’s co-existence in society, we believe that each child from all walks of life deserves to experience Education, may it be in non-traditional ways. Every one of us can join this movement. We can begin by taking time to consider both the difficult histories of each marginalized member of our society, and the challenge to overcome them.

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Help us continue to advocate and provide these Educational Intervention for our children and assisted communities. Every cent of donation counts in paving the empowerment that they deserve.

Our Stand on Inclusive Education

For Virlanie, inclusive education is about ensuring equal access to all levels of education and vocational training for the vulnerable, including persons with disabilities and children in vulnerable situations. Virlanie recognizes children’s differences in terms of learning abilities, which were deeply affected by their diverse and difficult backgrounds. Because of this,  Virlanie pushes for inclusive education that would develop youth and adults who have relevant skills, including technical and vocational skills, for employment, decent jobs and entrepreneurship. This will only be possible if child, disability, and gender sensitive educational facilities are built and safe, nonviolent, and effective learning environments are accessible for all. This statement is in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal for Quality Education.


About Virlanie

Virlanie Foundation, Inc. is a Filipino non-profit organization that provides developmental interventions for disadvantaged children and families in the Philippines. Our actions are divided into 7 Pillars of Expertise, namely: Street Programs, Community Program, Residential Program, Education Program, Health and Psycho-Social Program, and Advocacy Program. Together, these interventions aim to help alleviate the prevalence of poverty in marginalized communities in the country.

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