Raise the Future:

Virlanie’s Sponsorship Program

The goal of Raise the Future is to give a better future to children by providing them basic life essentials such as access to education, water and sanitation, food, and health services.

Virlanie’s Sponsorship Program enables individuals, like you, to support the holistic development of the children we take care of. 

Sponsoring one of the 7 Virlanie Pillars is a way for you to meet our children’s specific needs. 

When you are sponsoring a specific pillar, community or home, you are not only helping one child but a group of children.

The benefits of collective sponsorship

Our collective approach in sponsorship serves more children and youth effectively than individual sponsorship: Because your pledge is pooled to other sponsors’ pledges to fund the Pillar’s and program’s operations, it offers equitable support to each child, and has a greater overall impact on their community.Unlike individual sponsorship, if a sponsor stops his/her financial support, Virlanie will still be able to keep on supporting children through the pooled fund.

Collective sponsorship also aims at avoiding jealousy among children and protecting their privacy.

Relationship Matters

Once you become a Virlanie Sponsor, you will be matched to a group of beneficiaries under the Pillar you are supportingYou will be entitled to receive the following:

Regular updates from a group of beneficiaries

  • monthly email updates about the group of beneficiaries that has been matched to you (news, achievements, pictures, etc.)
  • 2 physical letters a year from the children/youth and families’ you sponsor (Back to school card and Christmas card) We encourage the sponsors to exchange letters as it is important to our children and it makes them feel that someone believes in them and motivates them.

Comprehensive Documentation

  • Fact Sheets of the Pillar and corresponding programs you are supporting.
  • A quarterly exclusive newsletter including updates, testimonies and success stories related to the Pillar you’re sponsoring
  • An annual Sponsorship Program progress report

Invitation and visitation privileges

  • Free exclusive invitations to Virlanie events
  • Special visitation privileges to the Foundation and in the Programs you sponsor, including one Pillar “Open House” per year and per Pillar (field visit with Virlanie staff and bonding time with beneficiaries)


Choose the Pillar that matches better

your personal advocacy:



Strengthen families to prevent abuse and neglect of children and youth

The Community pillar aims to address problems such as child labor, poor education, high incidence of malnutrition, child neglect, child abuse, exploitation, and child trafficking by providing family case management and family development services, as well as implementing income generating projects. It operates in Bagong Silangan (Quezon City), Quiapo and Parola (Manila).


Empower children, youth and families to come out of the streets

Virlanie’s street projects in Metro Manila and Bacolod City aim at protecting, educating, and empowering the most vulnerable children, youth and families. The Mobile Unit and the Open Day Center provide them with street-based and in-house social and health care, educational services, administrative, and legal support.


Give children a family-oriented environment that fosters a sense of belonging, identity and origin

The Virlanie Residential Pillar provides love, care and opportunities for growth and development to children and youth at risk in a family-like environment. 8 homes are designed based on the rights and needs of the children. Each home has a multidisciplinary team composed of house parents, house aunts, cook and laundry personnel.


Provide comprehensive healthcare for children and youth to survive and thrive

The Health Pillar aims to allow our children to heal and develop physically and psychosocially by providing them with holistic health support through its health services, psychological and dental programs.


Promote inclusive education so all children and youth are equipped to become the best person they can be

The Education Pillar offers tailor-fit formal and non formal education services to all children. It prepares the children to enter or resume formal schooling, then provides tutorial and motivational support. It also provides venue for visual and performing arts and sports. Special education services are also delivered to improve cognitive and occupational abilities of children and youth with special needs.


Ensure that every child and youth become resilient and successfully integrated to society

The Integration Pillar is designed to help the children, youth and families to decide which possible sustainable exit plan is best suited for them. Our priority is to fast-track the reintegration of the children in a permanent family; be it through our Family Reunification Program or our Adoption Program. When no family placement is possible, the children stay under our care until the age of 18. In this case, the young adults are taught to become self-reliant, productive and independent individuals through the Independent Living Program and the Social Entrepreneurship Program.


Defend and promote children’s right for the development and implementation of child inclusive public policies

We believe that structural reforms are essential to bring long-term change, ensure equity and guarantee human rights. Therefore, Virlanie is part of different local, national and international advocacy networks pushing to pass child-inclusive public policies into law.


Send your support now!

Relationship matters 

As a Virlanie sponsor, you will receive letters from the children of your sponsored home / community or Pillar which includes the following:

  1. A Back to School card together with recent pictures
  2. A Christmas card

We encourage the sponsors to exchange letters as it is important to our children and it makes them feel that someone believes in them and motivates them.

To write to your sponsored beneficiaries, please send your mail to this address:

Virlanie Foundation Inc.
Name of the Pillar/Program
4055 Yague Street
Barangay Singkamas
1205 Makati City
Manila, Philippines

The Sponsorship Team remains at your disposal for any further information at the +632 895 3460 or sponsorship@virlanie.org


  • Your donations along with that of other sponsors, are pooled together to optimally finance the programs within your sponsored Pillar for best impact on beneficiaries. This is to ensure that there will be no Virlanie beneficiary left behind.


  • Sponsors’ address and contact information are kept confidential and used only for official purposes.

Send us a message and we’ll reply within 24 hours.

Virlanie Foundation

Virlanie Foundation is a private, non-profit organization reaching out to street children in the Philippines. Virlanie cares for children in need of special protection—those who are abandoned, abused, exploited, neglected, orphaned, and among the poorest of the poor.




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