Rice-up Challenge 2021 is all about resiliency, strengths, achievements. It is about our belief that together as a community, we can once again rise up from all the life’s challenges and our ability to bridge our youth and children of tomorrow, by empowering them today.

Let’s Rise Up together!

Flourishing a Grain of Hope

There are about 100 million people in the Philippines serves kanin (cooked rice) every meal but not all can easily access that. A hearty meal is important to every child and, is one of the most important food sources that gives them enough energy and nutrition.

The Rice-Up Challenge 2021 aims to provide an average of 2021 sacks to Virlanie beneficiaries by:

  • Give support to 200 poverty-stricken families in the streets of Tondo, Manila; and Metropolitan, Makati.
  • Serve rice supplies to 334 families from the affiliated communities in Tondo, Manila; and Bagong Silangan, Quezon City.
  • Provide rice supplies for 127 Virlanie residential home beneficiaries.

Rice-Up Campaign Digital Vouchers

Jumpstart your 2021 by supporting Virlanie Children’s energy source to help them excel in their daily activities and boost their physical performance! Donate through Shopee and Lazada!

Rice-Up Crowdfunding Pages

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This campaign aims to support the following UN- Sustainability Goals