We are excited to present to all of you our Annual Report 2018! 

While waiting for the link/s to load, here’s a peek at 2018’s annual report theme, INCLUSION:

“Themed as “Inclusion”, this annual report lets you see how with you, Virlanie was able to touch and transform lives through inclusive programs. In simplest terms, inclusion means everyone feels they belong in the society. It aims to create a world where each one is embraced, regardless of disability, age, sex, gender identity, religion, ethnicity, and other characteristics that are subject to social exclusion.

Driven by our interventions on key areas we call our “7 pillars” and with the continuous support from people like you, we’ve secured inclusion for children under our care. We feature how each of our 7 pillars will ultimately lead to the sustainable reintegration of children in the society. We also show the achievements of the children and families you support, indicating the impact we collectively made in 2018. Several stories of inclusion are also presented, focusing on how our collective efforts led to the children’s greater access to opportunities. We try to share their voices through their own quotes, and stories of transformation. 

We also showcase how each pillar contributes to the achievement of several Sustainable Development Goals. Back in 2015, member States of the United Nations have established 17 goals to transform our world and make it a better place where everyone will have a better life and chance to succeed, without damaging the planet. Member states committed to work towards achieving these 17 goals from 2015 to 2030.

Virlanie’s 7 pillars work towards the achievement of 12 out of the 17 SDGs. This means that with you, we can multiply this impact of making children under our care sustainably included into the society. Let us continue working together to create a child-inclusive world.”