Health Pillar

Provide comprehensive healthcare for children and youth to survive and thrive

This pillar works towards realizing these SDG’s

All children under Virlanie’s care were undernourished and vulnerable to diseases and developmental delays prior, due to their previous socio-economic conditions. At most, 70% of these children also face mental and emotional challenges and drawbacks due to past experiences of trauma, abuse, neglect, and abandonment.  Furthermore, because of lack of education, children and families lack knowledge about practices to preserve their overall health.

The Health & Psychosocial pillar ensures that all health concerns or psychological trauma of the chil­dren under our care are healed to the full extent possible, and promotes awareness and prevention among children, youth and families at risk.

The Health Services Program provides health, nutritional and preventive services to our beneficiaries and staff. The Dental Clinic, as a social enterprise, provides free dental treatments to our beneficiaries while addressing the needs of staff and walk-in patients at a lower cost. The Psychological Program helps our children recover from their traumas through individual and group therapies.


When children have a healthy and well-nourished body, they are equipped with the capacity to reach their full potentials as growing individuals. 

Street children are often deprived of access to basic and necessary health services for their development. This is addressed through health awareness sessions and provision of basic medical services to our beneficiaries.


Benefited from Virlanie’s Health Program



referrals were made tospecialized health facilities;

Data from 2018. For more statistics, click to view Virlanie’s 2018 Annual Reports


Seventy percent (70%) of the children welcomed in the Foundation are in need of psychological support due to difficult backgrounds like neglect, abuse, and abandonment.

The psychological healing process of the children is managed through individual and/or group therapies. If needed, the children can be referred to psychiatrists within Virlanie’s network

” Therapy makes me happy. It taught me how to be more respectful and disciplined. It also deepened my relashionship with my father. “

Michael, 8,

Beneficiary of the Psychological Services Program


Opened in March 2017, Virlanie’s Dental Clinic offers free dental services to all its beneficiaries and provides affordable dental care to its staff and walk-in patients. Giving the children healthier, brighter smiles gives them a boost of confidence in themselves. 


patients received dental care atVirlanie’s dental clinic


dental treatments were provided

Data from 2018, more statistic in Virlanie’s 2018 Annual Reports

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Virlanie Foundation

Virlanie Foundation is a private, non-profit organization reaching out to street children in the Philippines. Virlanie cares for children in need of special protection—those who are abandoned, abused, exploited, neglected, orphaned, and among the poorest of the poor.




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