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Provide comprehensive healthcare for children and youth to survive and thrive

This pillar works towards realizing these SDG’s

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Due to their previous socio-economic conditions, all children under Virlanie’s care were undernourished and vulnerable to diseases and developmental delays prior to their admission. At most, 70% of these children also face mental and emotional challenges and drawbacks due to past experiences of trauma, abuse, neglect, and abandonment.  Furthermore, because of lack of education, children and families lack knowledge about practices to preserve their overall health.

The Health Pillar ensures that all health concerns or psychological trauma of the chil­dren under our care are healed to the full extent possible, and promotes awareness and prevention among children, youth and families at risk.

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When children have a healthy and well-nourished body, they are equipped with the capacity to reach their full potentials as growing individuals. 

Street children are often deprived of access to basic and necessary health services for their development. This is addressed through health awareness sessions and provision of basic medical services to our beneficiaries.


Benefited from Virlanie’s Health Program



referrals were made tospecialized health facilities;

Data from 2018. For more statistics, click to view Virlanie’s 2018 Annual Reports

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Seventy percent (70%) of the children welcomed in the Foundation are in need of psychological support due to difficult backgrounds like neglect, abuse, and abandonment.

The psychological healing process of the children is managed through individual and/or group therapies. If needed, the children can be referred to psychiatrists within Virlanie’s network

” Therapy makes me happy. It taught me how to be more respectful and disciplined. It also deepened my relashionship with my father. “

Michael, 8,

Beneficiary of the Psychological Services Program

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Opened in March 2017, Virlanie’s Dental Clinic offers free dental services to all its beneficiaries and provides affordable dental care to its staff and walk-in patients. Giving the children healthier, brighter smiles gives them a boost of confidence in themselves. 


patients received dental care atVirlanie’s dental clinic


dental treatments were provided

Data from 2018, more statistic in Virlanie’s 2018 Annual Reports

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Babies and Toddlers Home beneficiary

Louise is one of the cheerful, playful toddlers at Babies and Toddlers Home. On playtime afternoons, one will easily take notice of her because of her playfulness and her right arm. Due to an accident when she was younger, doctors had to amputate her right arm. She was then referred to Virlanie after being discharged from the hospital as her mother was nowhere to be found.

When she arrived, Louise was reclusive and frail, unable to walk at the age of one year and two months, and undernourished. Together with Virlanie’s medical team, BTH’s social workers created a program to improve her nutrition. In the time when she was given fortified and formula milk, her nutrition status normalized, and she had gained weight. Later, when her right arm fully healed, she learned how to use her right stump for play and other activities.

Because of the health services provided by Virlanie, Louise developed and grew into a social, happy, and healthy toddler who likes to play and build structures with toy building blocks.

“Louise lost her arm due to an accident when she was much younger. When she was brought to Virlanie, she was very frail, reclusive from the other children, wasn’t able to walk yet at the age of one year and three months, and was undernourishied…
the case management team, together with Virlanie’s medical team, decided to build up her nutrition and health. Through the months, her health gradually improved until she was strong enough to learn how to walk.”

Haruka Ichinose,

Social worker of Babies and Toddlers Home

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Virlanie Foundation is a private, non-profit organization reaching out to street children in the Philippines. Virlanie cares for children in need of special protection—those who are abandoned, abused, exploited, neglected, orphaned, and among the poorest of the poor.




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