After being trained in baking and cooking, mother and young women beneficiaries of Virlanie Foundation, Inc. under the Community Program, gained additional skills on food safety last July 23, 2019 in Bagong Silangan, Quezon City. Department of Science and Technology organized this training in partnership with the local barangay unit of Barangay Bagong Silangan.

DOST conducts seminars for basic food safety and handling around the Philippines to protect the consumers from the risk of food-borne illnesses that could lead to allergy, poison and even death. This training teaches the community on proper handling and processing of food.

Virlanie Community Program

The Community Pillar of Virlanie. aims to uplift the lives of low-income families by giving them proper livelihood trainings that will bridge them towards an improved way of living. With this program, mothers or even young adults learn how to have cook, bake and sew bags and clothes. With these skills, they either become employed in local businesses or build their own small business. This means additional income for their families.  Among the urban poor communities assisted by Virlanie are Bagong Silangan (Quezon City), Sampaloc and Parola (both located in Manila).

One of the mothers who benefits from this program is Irene Austria, 42, who struggled before because of her hearing disability. She went for the baking training from Virlanie and graduated along with other mothers. With assistance from Virlanie and through her gained skills, she was able to establish her own food business. However, she recognizes the need for proper food handling to attract customers.

Through the Food Safety Training, Irene was enlightened about the value of proper sanitation that she should observe every time she makes food.  Among the basic practices she learned is using protective clothing like aprons, hairnet and face masks.

“Without the cooking reminders and encouragement from Virlanie staff, basic food safety and handling will be hard to remember. I am a graduate of the Baking course and this should always be a basic on my practice. DOST Trainings indeed helped me in executing the proper way of serving food,” said Irene.

Now, Irene generates PHP 20,000 per month which helps her a lot in providing for the needs of her family.