Camille, 11, along with her team won second place in the recently concluded 2019 Season of the Speed Regalo Youth Football League.

The Youth Football League (YFL) provides organized football competitions throughout the year catering to youth clubs and players that play beyond their school varsities.

Camille: A wonder girl at football

Every Saturday, a group of kids plays soccer at various football fields in Metro Manila. Among the group, one shines, not only because she is the only girl in the all-boys team but because she shows excellent football skills. This girl is Camille.

Camille has been under the care of Virlanie Foundation for one decade. She grew-up in the residential homes of the Foundation and developed to become an energetic and joyful young girl. Now, she is a grade five elementary student who excels in her favorite sports, soccer. She plays as a striker and left fielder.

It all started when Camille was 6. She was given an opportunity to become part of Laos Football Club, a professional Filipino association football club. Being a part of the soccer team, she is given a chance to play with kids from several backgrounds, most of whom are from better socio-economic status.

Soccer made Camille’s childhood life more memorable. It boosted herself confidence. “I love soccer, it truly makes me happy. I enjoy playing even if I’m the only girl in the team.” Camille has always been breaking gender stereotypes. Aside from soccer, basketball is the alternative sport that she likes to play in school.

Camille doesn’t let gender roles her profession of becoming a firewoman someday (another male-dominated profession). She is willing to serve people, beyond the society’s expectation of her as a girl.

Today, Camille regularly practices soccer with her team every weekend because she is one of the selected applicants for Gothia Cup International Soccer Games, wherein two of Virlanie’s beneficiaries represented the Philippines in the same competition. “It will be a dream come true to play my favorite sports in an international league.” Camille shared.