Virlanie Foundation, Inc. is privileged to benefit for Teach for the Philippines’ Batang Bayani Program that aims to maintain the positive mindset of every child in learning despite doing home schooling. The program consists of 2 workshops called, Gabay sa Gabay Workshop [GGW] (A guide to Guides Workshop) designed for parents; and the other is Batang Bayani Workshop [BBW] (Child Hero Workshop), a workshop designed for students.

“I am happy to share that La Paz Elementary school (a public elementary school in Makati City), introduced
our Foundation to Teach for the Philippines and be part of this program,” Faidah Cayongcat, Virlanie
Residential Program Manager said. “This will definitely help our Virlanie children to be motivated in learning their lessons in school and develop skills that they will be needing when they grow up. At the same time our house parents will be more equipped in guiding our children especially in adapting to telelearning,” she added.

The GGW aims to guide parents in guiding their children to learn within their homes. According to Teach for the Philippines, this module is divided into three parts:

  1. Leading Self- which aims to develop the parent’s self-awareness and stress-management in times a child needs his/her help in learning.
  2. Leading Others – aims to develop empathy and active communication skills of a parent to ensure that his/her child is doing well with their studies.
  3. Leading Change- aims to develop the capacity-building of the parent as a guide that will eventually aid in developing new skills for his/her child.
  1. Leading Self– to give him/her self-awareness and a growth-mindset through stress-management and developing good study habits.
  2. Leading Others– to allow him/her to learn communication empathy, and critical thinking by exercising responsible use of technology, and maintaining connections and relationships.
  3. Leading Change– for the student to become more socially aware and develop his problem-solving skills. This will allow him to understand the world around him.

“The program with Virlanie will kick-off this January 2021 until May 2021. We asked 5 Virlanie children and 2 house parents to learn this program,” said Faidah Cayongcat.

Teach for the Philippines

Teach for the Philippines is a for-purpose, non-stock, non-profit organization that works to provide all Filipino children with access to inclusive, relevant, and excellent education. It was founded in 2012 that aims to improve teacher quality and address education at the system-level.

Virlanie’s Stand on Inclusive Education

The new normal routine has brought us new challenges in giving education to our children.  With inclusive education, we can address the inequalities that prevent them from accessing their right to education,  and we can be sure that they are receiving the right, and quality education they deserve.

Through inclusive education, Virlanie believes that we are not just empowering the youth but we are also helping them become a productive and independent individual who can achieve their dreams in life. You can read our full statement here.