Last April 7, 2020, the Juniclair Foundation, a philanthropic organization of Batipart company, granted our Solidarity Against COVID19 campaign a financial support amounting to 20,000 € (1,106,974 PHP) in order to fund Virlanie’s relief efforts towards street-based families amidst the sanitary, economic and social emergency brought by the COVID19 crisis.

This sum will mainly be allocated to the purchasing and distribution of relief goods including food packages and hygiene kits to 1,000 vulnerable families coming from 8 urban poor communities of Metro-Manila. Juniclair has also encouraged Virlanie to allocate part of this sum to support our front-liners staff who is working daily both in our Residential Homes to ensure continuity of services and in the streets and communities to conduct relief operations. Thank you for them!


The Juniclair Foundation

The Juniclair Foundation is a philanthropic foundation depending of the Luxembourgian Batipart company. Founded in 1988 by Charles Ruggieri, Batipart is a real estate company convinced that prosperity and longevity are based in sharing moral values. Since its creation, Batipart has been able to deploy its activities in the fields of health, tourism, while maintaining its original activity, real estate, and this in many countries.

Since 2007, the family group supports several developments projects around the world in the fields of education, environment, women and children protection. Initially founded as an association, then an endowment fund, the Juniclair Foundation has been recognized as an organization of public utility by Grand Ducal decree in 2013 in Luxembourg. The Batipart company contribution to these philanthropic activities reaches around 1 000 000 € (55 348 743 PHP) yearly.

Currently, the Juniclair Foundation support 15 development projects in Asia, Middle East, Africa, South America and Europe. Its main objectives are: inclusive access to quality education, school integration, leaving no one behind, vocational and livelihood trainings, inclusivity of jobs market, sanitary education, development aid, women and families support, end all sorts of violence and discrimination, prevention and information.

Juniclair and Virlanie: a meaningful and genuine relationship since 2008

The Juniclair Foundation has been supporting the Virlanie Foundation for many years.  Back in 2008, when Batipart company was just starting to develop its philanthropic branch, Ms. Ruggieri, President of Juniclair Foundation, met Dominique Lemay, Virlanie’s Founder, along with his staff, in the Philippines. At the time, she discovered the day-to-day work on the field of the Virlanie staff and volunteers to protect and empower children in street situation. She keeps a striking memory of her visits to the Reception and Action Center (RAC) where Virlanie was operating before to protect children at-risk. She explains the reasons that led Juniclair to support Virlanie’s action: “At the time, my encounter with Dominique and his staff were decisive. Their commitment, dedication, empathy, professionalism and transparency were among the criteria that led me to support Virlanie.”

The Mobile Unit in 2008 (photo taken from Ms. Ruggieri’s personal archives)

The Mobile Unit in 2008 (photo taken from Ms. Ruggieri’s personal archives)

For more than 10 years, the Juniclair Foundation has supported various Virlanie programs, notably the Marco Polo Care Center that was granted funding for 3 years. Ms. Ruggieri, in a personal capacity, also gave crucial support to the Virlanie Voices and through our Sponsorship Program.

The Virlanie Voices, A night of Music and Smiles, Send-off Concert, March 2018

Along the years, the relationship between Juniclair and Virlanie became stronger. Because they share common values and a genuine friendship with Dominique Lemay, Ms. Ruggieri visits Virlanie staff and beneficiaries yearly. She is happy to share that “Virlanie did a lot of progress. It was able to evolve and adapt to a new world, while keeping its true DNA.”

Thus, when she heard about our Solidarity Against COVID19 campaign, it seemed natural to her to give some support.

Thank you to the Juniclair Foundation for having shared our campaign in their network and for their 20,000 € donation for the most vulnerable families.

Solidarity against COVID-19: a call for solidarity amid the sanitary, economic and social emergency

In the Philippines, the COVID-19 crisis and the Enhanced Community Quarantine has left thousands of indigent families without any resources because of the sudden disruption of their livelihood. Amid this sanitary, economic and social emergency, Virlanie launched its Solidarity Against COVID-19 campaign in order to distribute relief goods (food packs and hygiene kits) to 1,000 street-based families in 8 urban poor communities of Metro-Manila.

Thanks to your generosity, our staff was able to start the relief operations as soon as April 8, 2020, and these are still on-going.

While the government is struggling to give appropriate support to the families in needs, their lives depend of their fellow citizen’s solidarity. Stay involved by donating and sharing this campaign around you.

Your commitment can make a vital difference for these families.

Thank you for them.