Summer is the time to go on weekend picnics, attend swimming activities and outings, or go on vacation! For students, it also means being free from homework, quizzes, and examinations.

In Virlanie, the Magellan Learning Center (MLC) offered summer classes for the children for 12 days. These classes enriched their lives through fun and worthwhile activities. Moreover, these classes also aimed to enhance their academic performance in school and to prepare them for formal school for the next academic year.

In one class supervised by Teacher Wen, the children were provided new learning experiences that engaged and motivated them to become independent readers and academic achievers.

The activities, which were headed by Teacher Jen, included Interactive Reading, Creative Writing, Math in Motion, Spoken English, Arts and Crafts, and Mind Boosting Games. These ignited their learning curiosity to discover the world. Also, there was a computer workshop wherein the children were taught basic computer knowledge and skills.

The children were also taught the importance of healthy eating habits by, for example, learning how to make mango juice. After the activity, a five-year old child said that she would then save some of her allowance and put it in her coin bank to be able to buy the ingredients for the mango juice – mangoes, milk, and water. She even said that she will teach the other children how to make it!

For some people, all this may seem simple. But for the teachers of MLC, they had the chance to integrate mango juice making in other areas like English, Math, Science, and Values. This proves what the MLC teachers believe—every second is a teachable moment.

Photos from: Magellan Learning Center