During the holiday season, most people wish to spend Christmas with their own families. But unlike most of us, many children are unable to spend the holidays with theirs. To celebrate the season of love, our children were reunited with their families for a day of fun games and good food.

Last December 15 and 16, rour Herrod Homes (Masaya and Tanglaw) celebrated their Family Days, respectively. The Virlanie Family Day is an annual get-together event where the children in chosen residential homes get the chance to spend Christmas for a day with their biological families. This year, our Masaya and Tanglaw Homes were chosen to celebrate and reunite with their loved ones. For each home, at least three families from the Family Reunification Program participated in the said event.

The families shared stories and laughter while bonding through different games and activities. Virlanie staff and volunteers also joined in the fun.

See pictures below to follow these memorable days!