Metrobank Foundation, Inc. (MBFI) granted Virlanie Foundation, Inc. financial support amounting to P325,000.00 to sustain its education pillar services for children. This fund will particularly help 60 Virlanie students who undergo tutorials in the Magellan Learning Center (MLC) that ensures their classroom preparedness and academic skills development. This project will last for a year.

“We are excited for this partnership as this will serve as a bridge for the betterment of our Virlanie children,” said Jennifer Gonzales, Virlanie’s Grants Officer.

The Metrobank Foundation, Inc.

Under the foundation of Metropolitan Bank & Trust Company, also known as Metrobank, MBFI was established last January 8, 1979, to provide services for the underprivileged and marginalized sectors of society. It maintains dynamic partnership with other organizations until today.

MBFI is one of the most active corporate humanitarian organizations that garnered many awards in the Philippines and abroad.

With their tagline “Excel. Engage. Empower,” MBFI programs continuously inspire people towards excellence and make them active members of their own communities, making them an instrument of change and influence in pursuit of nation-building. Virlanie and MBFI partnership started this year with the hopes of bringing more children closer to educational opportunities.

Serving out-of-school children

Around 2.85 million children in the Philippines, aged 5-15 are out of school youth while 3 out of 10 children who are enrolled in school do not complete primary education. There are also 45% of children who complete primary education but do not pursue secondary education.

Most of Virlanie beneficiaries have educational delays due to lack of opportunity to go to school prior to admission at Virlanie, dropping out and lack of proper guidance which results to lack of self-confidence and missed social integration opportunities.

The Magellan Learning Center helps these students boost their academics by providing tutorial and motivational support to enable Virlanie beneficiaries cope with academic requirements. Tutorials are designed in four categories, according to the student’s needs: Pre-school, Mental math, Reading & Counting and Level Up Class.

Currently, MLC needs P2,070,000.00 to maintain the operations of the learning center. With your continued support like MBFI, we can help every child learn.


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