We wish to thank and congratulate two incredible people named Mickaël & Guy for their remarkable accomplishments in a sporting event to help support Virlanie Foundation.

Guy Burridge is very fond of biking and he travelled across England from the 22nd of July until the 21st of August to raise funds for Virlanie’s Medical Program and for the Research Against Cancer.

“The ‘old bike’ & ‘old man’ finally made it. It was an incredible road trip that I will always remember – seeing stunning sceneries of Britain from bottom to top.”

If you wish to support Virlanie Foundation and our programs just like Guy, you can donate to us via Paypal.

Read his testimony: http://www.justgiving.com/guy-burridge.

Mickaël will be running in the Vannes’ marathon on October 20th and he encourages the internet community to support him for the benefit of the street children of Virlanie. At the same time, he initiated a guessing game and asks people his finishing time in the marathon.

Check his website in French: http://courirpourvirlanie.blogspot.fr/2013/08/presentation.html

and support him: http://www.alvarum.com/mickaelt

Thank you very much!

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  • Impressive initiatives in sport and solidarity
  • Impressive initiatives in sport and solidarity