Featured Image by: Ashley Venerable

Ten-Ten was 8 years old when she started painting on a canvas. She is one of the best skilled painters among Virlanie youth which gave her recognition in various painting competitions, whether it is inside or outside her school.

Now 15 years old, she realizes how art helped her deal with sadness because of her previous experiences in the street.

All Virlanie youth like Ten-Ten are given the opportunity to join extracurricular activities in order to develop and discover their talents, skills and gain self-confidence  Sining, Buhay, Hilom (Art, Life, Healing), also known as SiBuHi Center for Creativity and Development helps kids like Ten-Ten heal emotionally through the regular practice of visual and performing arts, and sports.

The Healing Power of Art

“When I am sad, I like to paint landscapes. Because when my brother was still alive, we would always go out to look for good places and draw them on a piece of paper,” she said.

Currently, Ten-Ten is having a hard time going to school. She has a lot of thoughts that sometimes prevent her from doing her school assignments. Ten-Ten is also having her tutorial sessions in Magellan Learning Center (MLC) in Virlanie to cope to her academics.

According to her teacher, Ten-Ten has a short attention span which prevents her to focus. She believe that with Ten-Ten’s art therapy sessions, she can learn how to focus and manage her stress.

When painting at least, Ten-Ten finds peace of mind and shows her ability to focus and achieve great work.

According to her psychologist, on the other hand, Ten-Ten has regression. She reminisces so much on her childhood that she cannot easily move on. Art therapies are also offered to her to help her cope up with the negative emotions she feels every day.

Ten-Ten, despite all her personal struggles in life still manage to find pride and hope in her artistic talent. It gave her self-confidence. “My works are frequently exhibited in big places like hotels. Our art teacher in SiBuHi, Sir Bernard, asks me to create a painting, then I deliver it because I really enjoy it,” she added.

“I learned a lot from the art classes of Sir Bernard. his classes made me want to become a painter someday,” Ten-Ten said.