Virlanie Foundation, Inc. says Annyeong haseyo! (Hello!) to the new
Korean volunteer, Jaeuk Ko, also known as Kuya Jerome. He is currently
teaching taekwondo to the children, staff, and volunteers of Virlanie
Foundation. During his spare time, Kuya Jerome sat with us to tell us
about himself and his stay in Virlanie Foundation.

Jaeuk Ko is a 23-year-old Engineering major and one of his talents is
taekwondo. He started taekwondo when he was 8 years old, until he was
18. He now has a black belt (4th dan grade) in the sport and wants to
share what he has learned, including manners and respect.

The first few weeks in the Philippines were difficult for Kuya Jerome
because of the different lifestyle, culture, weather, and especially
the food. “It is different from the food in Korea, but I like the
chicken adobo among the Filipino dishes, but I try to enjoy and love
everything,” Kuya Jerome said.

Sharing and love are two of the things that Kuya Jerome wants to
share, and this caused him to volunteer even in Korea. During his
volunteer work, Kuya Jerome wondered, “I have learned many things and
met a lot people, and then I started to think about the real meaning
of sharing. Accidentally, I saw a notice about a group of volunteers
going abroad. I decided to apply, and luckily, I passed.”

Kuya Jerome is staying in Virlanie for 6 months; after which, he will
go back to Korea and carry on with his studies. When he was living in
Tanglaw Home, he felt that “every day is another day to learn
something new, and another exciting day, like the time that I have
realized that without those children I will never know how precious
and lucky I am that there are people who love me.” Because of this, he
wants to see them smile. “I want all the children to be happy, not
just because of me. I also want to be someone they can count on when
they are having a hard time,” he said.

Photos by: P.Dupire