Commonly known as Bastille Day, July 14th is France’s Independence Day. The French recognize it as the end of monarchy and the beginning of the modern republic. Today, in Paris for instance, it is being celebrated with a grand military parade along Champs Elysées, colorful art festivals, and parties. Some, if not all, would uncork a bottle of wine, pop in a Jacques Dutronc CD, and celebrate with their loved ones and friends.

Bastille Day is also being celebrated in the Philippines, spearheaded by the French Embassy. This year, it was held at the residence of Amb. Garachon. Key personalities from the French Embassy and the Philippines were invited to the event. Virlanie Foundation was also invited, headed by its President Kuya Dom. The Virlanie Choir performed during the celebration. The children sang the two nations’ national anthem. They also performed some of their covers. It was indeed an opportunity for their talent to shine.

Photos by: Najee Chua