Message from the President


Dear friends,

During this year our work towards the children have been organized around our 7 pillars to be able to address the different areas in which we can make a difference in the life of the most disadvantaged.

However, when it comes to finding and providing the right solution for all our children, we are facing the difficult question of what it means for a child to be successful. With the years passing by and seeing our children who have become adults, I realize that each one of them will have a different answer to this…

With all the life stories we have in Virlanie we see that no solution will fit all–what we need is to give to our children the confidence, tools and guidance to be able to build their life by themselves according to their own sensibility and limitations.

Let’s give them a loving family environment, a proper education, spiritual guidance and values but, equally important, let’s ensure they understand that their life is in their hands and that they have to act on it. Virlanie, as their first or second family, will always be there to support them along the way.

At the end, what we want for our children, is for each one of them to be happy on his/her own way, a simple life can be full of happiness, and that’s what matters the most in our mission toward the most disadvantaged children.

Thank you all for your continuous support,

Laurent Goirand

President, Virlanie Foundation, Inc.

Message from the Vice president



Dear members of the Virlanie Community,

2018 has been a year most engaging and fruitful! It is an honor and privilege for me to work with the Board of Trustees, Dominique, Laurent, Thomas and a team of leaders, house parents, educators, social workers and psychologists who embody the values Virlanie stands for. One cannot work with all these committed and tireless individuals and not be inspired!

With grateful hearts, we thank you, our donors, sponsors and countless volunteers, for your generous spirits! Every unit of currency, energy and time you devote to Virlanie translates to strengthening the 7 pillars that allows for love, protection, and empowerment to flow to the lives of the marginalized babies, toddlers, teens, young adults and children with special needs we touch daily.

You will read in this report that while we are making headway, we still have a long way to go. With over 246,000 children and families still out on the streets in the Philippines alone, our mission of loving, protecting, and empowering the most disadvantaged children to help them reach their full potential and reintegrate into society is an endeavor of many lifetimes. Let us join hands and hearts in this collaborative effort of promoting social inclusion for all children, that defines us as
human beings.

Susan Grace Rivera,

Vice President, Virlanie Foundation, Inc.

Message from the Chairman Emeritus and Founder



Dear Friends,

Since the founding of Virlanie in the Philippines 26 years ago, my team and I committed to give love and a worthy future to the children we encountered in the streets or in the most depressed areas of the country.

Each child is unique and full of potential however, these children’s lives are often threatened by the hostility of the  environment they grow up in. Because of the difficult situations they face each day such as violence and psychological distress, these children experience “exclusion” from the society. We at Virlanie, through the collaborative and conscious efforts of our home staff, psychologists, educators, social workers and therapists have taken appropriate interventions to respond effectively to the needs of these children.

Above all else, the priority of Virlanie is to give the child a safe space to grow up in a family setting environment. Our homes in Virlanie provide opportunities for children to eat, sleep, play and attend school. Most importantly, through the generous and selfless love of the house parents, the children receive the love, care, and attention that they need. Privileges as it may seem to the children who were victims of social exclusion, these are opportunities for a brighter future. For the children and youth with special needs, Virlanie created specialized homes and services that actively match their needs.

Twenty-six challenging and fulfilling years have passed and until today, we are still active in the most depressed areas of the country, attentive and caring towards the most deprived children and families of the society. As we continue to fulfill our mission and improve our services, we thank you for your interminable support for without you, we will not be able to ensure an inclusive future for all children.

Sincerely yours,

Dominique Lemay,

Chairman Emeritus, Virlanie Foundation, Inc.


Envisioning a world where each child is loved, protected, and empowered to become a responsible individual.


Children and youth-at-risk and their families




PIntroduction to Virlanie’s 7 Pillars,

Philosophy, Mission and Vision


Strategic planning of the Rising Youth


Opening of the Open Day Center in Bacolod


The Rising Youth’s Celebration of International Day for Street Children


Virlanie Voices’ 4th European Tour and first participation in the Montreux Children’s Choral Festival


Launch of Give2Achieve through IncluED: Inclusive Education Dialogues


100% passing rate in Alternative Learning System Acceleration and Equivalency for 8 children in conflict of the law in Bacolod


Two of our young adults bagged the gold medal in Gothia Cup 2018


Awakening children’s entrepreneurial spirit through The Social Entrepreneurship Week


The Rising Youth’s Sarap Cafeeling! mini-café shop fundraiser


Virlanie’s Celebration of National Children’s Month


Belgian Ambassador’s visit to ODC Bacolod



Strengthen families to prevent abuse and neglect of children and youth

The Community pillar aims to address problems such as child labor, poor education, high incidence of malnutrition, child neglect, child abuse, exploitation, and child trafficking.

Through the Family Program and the iLead Open Day Center for Education and Training, Virlanie empowers families of 5 urban poor communities in Metro Manila through family social case management and income generating projects.


Empower children, youth and families to come out of the streets

Virlanie’s street projects in Metro Manila and Bacolod City aim at protecting, educating, and empowering the most vulnerable children, youth and families. The Mobile Unit and the Open Day Center provide them with street-based and in-house social and health care, educational services, administrative, and legal support.


Give children a family-oriented environment that fosters a sense of belonging, identity and origin

The Virlanie Residential Pillar provides love, care and opportunities for growth and development to children and youth at risk in a family-like environment. 8 homes are designed based on the rights and needs of the children. Each home has a multidisciplinary team composed of house parents, house aunts, cook and laundry personnel.


Provide comprehensive healthcare for children and youth to survive and thrive

All children under Virlanie’s care were undernourished and vulnerable to diseases and developmental delays prior to their admission to the Foundation. They also face mental and emotional challenges due to past experiences of trauma, abuse, neglect, and abandonment. The Health Pillar aims to allow our children to heal and develop physically and psychosocially by providing them with holistic health support through its health services, psychological and dental programs.


Promote inclusive education so all children and youth are equipped to become the best person they can be

The Education Pillar offers tailor-fit formal and non formal education services to all children. The Magellan Learning Center prepares the children to enter or resume formal schooling, then provides tutorial and motivational support. The SiBuHi Center for Creativity and Development provides venue for self-expression and confidence through visual and performing arts and sports. The Special Education and Rehabilitation Program aims to improve cognitive and occupational abilities of children and youth with special needs.


Ensure that every child and youth become resilient and successfully integrated to society

The Integration Pillar is designed to help the children, youth and families to decide which possible sustainable exit plan is best suited for them. Our priority is to fast-track the reintegration of the children in a permanent family; be it through our Family Reunification Program or our Adoption Program. When no family placement is possible, the children stay under our care until the age of 18. In this case, the young adults are taught to become self-reliant, productive and independent individuals through the Independent Living Program and the Social Entrepreneurship Program.


Defend and promote children’s right for the development and implementation of child inclusive public policies

We believe that structural reforms are essential to bring long-term change, ensure equity and guarantee human rights. Therefore, Virlanie is part of different local, national and international advocacy networks pushing to pass child-inclusive public policies into law.

Virlanie participated in Child Rights Network (CRN) General Assembly and aligned to its priority advocacy agenda: Inclusive Education, Civil Registration and Vital Statistics and No to lowering of minimum age of criminal responsibility (MACR).

Together with CRN, Virlanie advocated for the passage of Republic Act 1148 or the “Kalusugan at Nutrisyon ng Mag-Nanay Act”, a law that seeks to provide health and nutrition services to children during the first 1,000 days of their lives.


60 Residential children received school packs
2 assisted communities (Quiapo and Bagong Silangan) received cooking utensils

Over 180 children received medical service through our medical program

220 children received christmas gifts
435 Noche Buena Package were given to assisted families


“Thanks to Virlanie’s support, I got to learn how to sew bags and was able to earn extra money to support my family. I can even sew bags and clothes for my children. This allowed to express my creativity.”

Rosebeth Taguinod
Sewing Training Graduate, iLead ODC-ET

“I know that I was searching for a replacement for my mother. Here at the ODC I now have many loving mothers. Through Virlanie, I was able to be employed at a handicrafts company. I am very grateful that Virlanie gave me this opportunity.”

Rocky, 24
ODC beneficiary

“When I was still in Boy’s Town, I was sad because I always get bullied by other children. Here in Virlanie, I’m happy because they take good care of us. They never neglected me. Before, I didn’t know how to read. But now, I’m gradually learning because of Virlanie.”

Anthony, 10
Masaya Home beneficiary

“Louise lost her arm due to an accident when she was much younger. When she was brought to Virlanie, she was very frail, reclusive from the other children, wasn’t able to walk yet at the age of one year and three months, and was undernourishied… the case management team, together with Virlanie’s medical team, decided to build up her nutrition and health. Through the months, her health gradually improved until she was strong enough to learn how to walk.”

Haruka Ichinose
Social Worker

“I want to defend people’s rights, especially those who were abused just because they are women or they are poor or they are street children. Victims are usually silenced because other people don’t believe in them. I want to be the one who will listen to them, believe, and protect them.”

Juliet, 19
Elizabeth Home beneficiary

“Virlanie has been the family that I was hoping for to support me in finding a path and the strength and determination to overcome the challenges and achieve my goals for the future.”

Melissa, 25
Ex-beneficiary of -Elizabeth Home and ILP

“We are already planning to conduct trainings and symposium for the communities so they can be aware of the issues faced by children.”

Sarah, 18
Residential Pillar beneficiary and a child rights advocate

“It was a big help because it gave an allowance for my education from Elementary to College, to sustain everyday life and to pursue my own projects.It helped me a lot. Life there was really hard, which is why even the smallest help is already significant for me. And if Virlanie hadn’t been there, I don’t know if I could even graduate.”

Carlo Belmonte, 22
Sponsored child and Mechanical Engineer graduate



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Financial Highlights

See the complete 2018 financial report here.



Virlanie continues to expand its operations to serve more children and have deeper impact in their lives.

Replication of Community Project in Parola, Tondo

Replication of the Mobile Unit in two other areas

Establishment of Foster Care Project

Kick off the construction of the organic farm in Bago City, Negros in 2019

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