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959 children served in 2013
16,000 since 1992

10 Homes and 14 Programs
281 Children in Homes
678 Beneficiaries of Outreach Programs

137 Local Staff
Volunteers : 39 Local & 82 Foreign


Please help Virlanie give street children a home, a family, food, education
and a future.




President's Message


About the Founder 

Mr. Lemay is a graduate of Accounting in De La Salle University in Lille, France. He pursued graduate studies in Theology at a Catholic university, as well as in Psychology and Sociology at a public university, both in Paris, France. He obtained a Masters in Sociology in 1973 and a Masters in Social Work in 1987.

Mr. Lemay first came to the Philippines in October 1987 to conduct research on street children. He returned to the Philippines in January 1988 and established on March 25, 1988 the MASIGLA (Makataong Simulain para sa Igagaling ng mga Bata) Foundation Inc., a residential facility for street children, in partnership with Filipinos.

In June 1992, Mr. Lemay, together with Filipino social workers, established Virlanie Foundation, Inc. Mr. Lemay, with his great passion to help Filipino children, established twelve residential homes for children who have been abused and exploited; abandoned, neglected or mentally disabled; children in conflict with law, street children, substance abusers and young unwed mothers and their infants. Aside from the residential homes, the foundation caters to children in urban poor communities; children in conflict with the law and for the hundreds of street children roaming and living in the streets of Manila.

Mr. Lemay has assisted the City Government of Manila for the past eighteen years through projects and services Virlanie Foundation provides to the Manila Youth Reception Center and Reception and Action Center (RAC) of Manila. Mr. Lemay initiated infrastructural changes in these facilities through the generous sponsors of the foundation. Mr. Lemay was instrumental in a number of projects, including deployment of volunteers to conduct activities with the children and the establishment of a medical clinic to look after the health status of the RAC beneficiaries.

Through Mr. Lemay, Virlanie Foundation was awarded the Human Rights Prize from the French Republic in December 2001 for the Foundation’s valuable contribution to human rights through its work with disadvantaged children in the Philippines.

He was awarded one of the Ten Outstanding Manileños on June 23, 2006, for his great contribution in the field of humanitarian work for the City of Manila.

Recently, he was chosen by People Asia Magazine as one of the prestigious awardees of the “People of the Year for 2008”.

To know more about Dominique Lemay, you may visit his blog at virlaniekuyadom.blogspot.com/