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Integration Programs

These programs are designed to help and follow-up the children and the young adults while they are still living in the Virlanie Home or even after they have left Virlanie either to return to their families or live independently when they are old enough and capable.




Launched in 1999, the Family Reunification Program has already helped reunite more than 200 children with their families as Virlanie’s priority is to keep families intact. This is done whenever reunification will serve the child’s best interests. Before being officially reunified, the social workers assess the family and their socio-economic environment. The next step would be the "pre-reunification" phase, done with family counseling to ensure that the child and his or her family are both ready and that the family is capable to raise and take care of the child. Once the child is back in his or her family, the program coordinator looks for available scholarship so the child can continue his or her studies. Subsequently, the family will have a follow-up consultation with the help of local institutions. Every three months, a meeting with the family is organized to check on the progress of the child. The program can, if necessary, continue the sponsorship to finance the child’s education.

Beneficiaries in 2015: 82 children



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Virlanie Foundation used to run two programs, YAP and LIFE, for the young adults under its care. These programs were merged in 2015 to become ILP, which aims to empower and support the young adults to become self-sustaining and independent individuals.

Under the program’s main activities are efforts to:
1. Strengthen the young adults’ leadership, professional skills, life skills, and core values;
2. Educate them on environment conservation and responsibility;
3. Prepare them to face practical challenges like looking for a place to live, finding a job, and managing
one’s budget; and
4. Monitor the progress of the young adults who are living independently to make sure that they are
transitioning well.


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